Clefthanger – explore the cleavage

Cliffhanger or clefthanger
Cliffhanger or clefthanger

Cliffhanger or clefthanger

Most people in Western countries, both men and woman, consider breasts an important female secondary sex characteristic and an important aspect of femininity. Décolletage that exposes cleavage is used by many women to enhance their physical and sexual attractiveness and to improve their sense of femininity. Display of cleavage with a low neckline is often regarded as a form of feminine flirting or seduction, as much as for its aesthetic or erotic effect. Most men derive erotic pleasure from seeing a woman’s cleavage, and some people derive pleasure in their female partner exposing cleavage. When cleavage is enhanced with a push-up bra or exposed by a low neckline it can draw attention. During adolescence, some girls become fixated on breast shape and cleavage. The use of tight clothing and the display of cleavage have been attributed as causes of an increase in breast fetishism, and atypical paraphilia.

In Western and some other societies, there are differences of opinion as to how much cleavage exposure is acceptable in public. In contemporary Western society, the extent to which a woman may expose her breasts depends on social and cultural context. Displaying cleavage or any part of female breast may be considered inappropriate or even prohibited by dress codes in some settings, such as workplaces, churches, and schools, while in some spaces showing as much cleavage as possible can be permissible or even encouraged. The exposure of nipples or areolae is almost always considered immodest and in some instances is viewed as lewd or indecent behavior. Art historian James Laver argued that the changing standards of revealing cleavage is more prominent in evening wear than in day wear in the Western world.

I got no hanging boobs, but you can hang around my boobs, horny.

Clefthanger – better than cliffhanger

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