Dirty weekend

Dirty weekend meaning?

A dirty weekend is a weekend during which two people go away together, mainly in order to spend time on romance and making love.
The reasons can be of different nature but sometimes they go away together to have sex, especially secretly, because they are not married to each other. Other times it is just for boosting the relation.

Racerback Tank Top - Kinky.
Racerback Tank Top – Kinky. Kinky tank top.

Dirty weekend ideas

Well, the ideas on exactly what you are going to do on your weekend I’m not going to tell you here. Use your fantasy, read your partner, use your senses, treat her like a princess – or just f*ck her. Over and over again, she will love it!

You don’t really have to go away to have an intensive and romantic weekend together. You can make your own home much more inviting than a cheap hotel room. Turn off your phones, iPads, and computers. Get some fresh and romantic food, maybe some drinks, light the candles and have a 24 hours premade playlist with suitable music. Then pimp your bedroom, and your selves with our hot and sexy clothes and home decor.

Sleeveless Top, Sunday is funday - in bed.
Sleeveless Top, Sunday is Funday – in bed. Sexy Sleeveless top.

An inviting message

You may have a damn sexy hunk as a partner, but sadly that doesn’t always also means that he is the sharpest knife in the drawer. When he is totally lost in his Playstation games, you may have to give him a hint about a woman’s needs in attention and care. Try to put on this sexy sleeveless top (shown above) and see his reaction. He will understand the hint and throw himself over you like a hungry (read horny) wolf.

Well, now we assume he can read.

If you still don’t get the attention you deserve, you should try to drop everything but this sexy sleeveless top. That will make almost every man very eagerly.

If not even that works? Then you have to unplug the Playstation, just pull out the cord, then take off the sleeveless top and let him see you in full natural. You know, men are always men.

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