Love is in the air…

Dirty weekend ideas Well, the ideas on exactly what you are going to do on your weekend I’m not going to tell you here. Use your fantasy, read your partner, use your senses, treat her like a princess – or just f*ck her. Over and over again, she will love it! You don’t really have... Continue Reading →

A new erotic novel

Late Friday Night Reading I have started another WordPress site with the short little name: Late Friday Night Reading ( 🙂 That site is only about erotic novels and I will publish a new story there every Friday. So far I have two novels (with some sexy pictures) that you can read right now: Long... Continue Reading →

Novel: The Seduction Of Sylvia

The Seduction Of Sylvia “Hey Sylvia, my birthday’s this Saturday and I’m throwing a pool party to celebrate.  Wanna come?” Sylvia didn’t hear any of the words.  She was trying to find the fifty three cents difference between the two columns on the company balance sheet.  It had to be a bad data entry on... Continue Reading →


Cherries An erotic novel be TeraS It is Halloween, the time of costumes and mystery. Sometimes the horns we wear make us... horny. “I’m not wearing this Lynne! No way, no how!” Those words were thrown with a good deal of force by a dishwater blonde twenty-something inside of a change-room in the back of... Continue Reading →

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Young lesbians explore each other in bed and in the wrestling ring.  A sexy novel By Info RickDeville2 She fiddled furiously along the highest notes of her fiddle as the drums and saxophone kicked in behind her to support the tone. She angled her chin to brilliantly smile at the gathering... Continue Reading →

Spying On Haven And Inessa

Spying On Haven And Inessa An erotic novel. I peeked at them. 'Oh, there they are, Haven and Inessa,' I thought, strolling by them. Even as I passed, my eyes failed to part from them. I stopped in a corner and continued to eyeball them. 'Wow, a gorgeous brunette white lady with a pretty black... Continue Reading →

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